At the Stillpoint Injury Clinic, we treat a wide range of conditions from neck and back pain, stiffness of joints, whiplash, sports injuries, postural problems and many more. By using a combination of specialist hands-on techniques and gentle adjustments, the body is re-aligned and re-balanced. We use such techniques as Amatsu Physical Therapy, Acupressure, Neuromuscular Re-patterning, Cranial Osteopathy, Sports & Remedial massage for treating injuries to bring the body into balance also provide personal exercise programmes. Also available is Sports Therapy for pre and post event. More...

Stillpoint Injury Clinic

Joseph Lillis - Physical Therapist, Amatsu Licenced practitioner, Massage Therapist

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Phone: 090 6494548 Mobile: 087 6235821 Email:

We are covered by the following Insurance companies: Stillpoint Injury Clinic is covered by VHI, Aviva, Laya Healthcare and GloHealth

Fully registered member of the Register of Physical Therapists of Ireland (RPTI), Amatsu Association of Ireland (AAI), Irish Massage Therapist Association (IMTA), Embody and Complementary Therapists Association. association logos