阀杆 & 机器人的程序

S.T.E.M. 程序

什么是阀杆? 阀杆 is an acronym for 科学, Technology, Engineering, and Math within education.  In 伊里阿纳的 阀杆 program, we do project-based learning while applying math and science principles and standards. With this new program, 伊里阿纳的 science and math-based classes have a plethora of resources. We are excited to give students the opportunity to pursue more science classes and future occupations in 阀杆. From robotics to hydroponics to an award-winning math team, 伊里阿纳的 offering of opportunities continues to grow each year. 

伊里阿纳的 facilities were built to accommodate the 阀杆 program. We have a large makerspace with plenty of space to immerse students in hands-on project based learning. We currently have 5 3D printers, a CNC router, Laser cutter and a full wood working shop. 

At Illiana we offer Project Lead The Way, the nation’s leader in 阀杆 education, and Illiana offers five PLTW engineering courses. Four of these courses also offer free college credit through Ivy Tech Community college. Illiana is striving to have one of the best-developed 阀杆 programs in Indiana. We are proud of this 阀杆 program and are eager to continue to develop it. With this ever-growing program, 伊里阿纳的 education sets students up for a successful career in the 阀杆 fields.

Our current PLTW courses are:

  • IED – Introduction to engineering Design – 9th and 10th grades
  • POE – Principles of Engineering – 10th and 11th grades
  • CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing – 10th-12th grades
  • CEA – Civil Engineering and Architecture – 11th-12th grades
  • EDD – Engineering Design and Development – 12th grade


The Illiana 机器人 team is designed to prepare students for competition in interscholastic 机器人 tournaments. Tournaments motivate participants in science and technology to expand their skills. 另外, these competitions assist in the development of skills that are utilized in critical thinking, 协作, and problem-solving. Students are allowed to make use of their various skills such as creativity, 想象力, 好奇心, and innovation as they design and create their robots.

The 机器人 程序 emphasizes mathematics and science topics used in 编程 robotics. Students have the opportunity to design and build complex robots and work as a team. This program helps students who have an interest in applying mathematics to real-world settings that solve problems with machines. 

The robotics team provides hands-on experience in solving real world challenges and exposes students to physics, 力学, 电子产品, 编程, 团队合作, 和领导能力.  The Illiana 机器人’ mission is to equip students with real life experiences in communication, 协作, and self-confidence; inspiring them to step up as leaders on the team. Through 团队合作 and a supportive environment, we aim to inspire students to take an interest in 阀杆 fields.

The mission of Illiana 机器人 Team is to allow students and mentors to share and apply knowledge of 阀杆 skills including engineering, 和领导能力 skills through a fun, hands-on experience. 作为一个团队, members work toward a common goal of designing, 建筑, 编程, 市场营销, and operating a competitive robot while supporting the ideals of our school and Christian faith.

Our 任务: “Changing Lives, One Robot at a Time”